Susan Elkins
Oil Paintings

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Hi Susan, It was wonderful to meet you today, your artwork is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your gifts
Alan Martin - 8 Aug 2021
Good to hear from you. Your colors,shapes and design are so refreshing! Re our art conversation the following thought came to heart: The forest would be a quiet place if only the best birds sang .Blessings , A
Ainsley Loken - 20 Sep 2013
Susan, I love your painings. Always did. Remember me, the pastry cook at the Beaujolais, 25 years ago? Greetings from Switzerland, Nella
Stegmüller - Forlin Nella - 5 Sep 2013
I love your work.
Darlene - 7 Jul 2012
Delighted to find your web site! Stunning work, as always, Susan! Remember me, painting, skiing, and having fun together back in the day in Banff. Especially love the "Laundry" piece.
Linda Rowland (aka Kenyon) - 7 Dec 2011
susan, it's been years since I left Banff (1977); I stayed at your home overnight & left in my VW van. Never did get back to Banff, still have your still life of the doll. full time. How have you been?
Irene Schack von Brockdorff - 8 Jun 2011
Thank you - any paintings from Sunshine Village?
Geoff - 8 Mar 2011
Great web site Sue!
Jonathan Elkins - 3 Oct 2010
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